Training courses are primarily arranged in Finnish.

Lifestyle training courses

Lifestyle training courses are planned for professionals in the healthcare system so that they, in turn, can give lifestyle instruction to young people and adults. The materials can also be used in group settings.

OTA-ohjauskartta instructor training

The OTA-ohjauskartta (OTA training map) training gives participants tools for coaching and motivational interview techniques.

TOTA Terveyden Oma Tilannearvio instructor training for the lifestyles of young people

TOTA Terveyden Oma Tilannearvio (TOTA Self-assessment of Health) instructor training gives participants the tools for coaching and teaches them to use the TOTA file and the TOTA meter.

Resourceful Family instructor training

Resourceful Family (Neuvokas perhe) instructor training gives participants the tools for using this method of helping families find a healthy lifestyle.

The Resourceful Family methods and tools are intended for use in lifestyle guidance of families with children. The method focuses on the family and the resources it has while giving support for choosing a lifestyle of healthy exercise and nutrition. The method gives the family an active role in promoting their own health and it becomes possible to bring the strengths of the family to the fore.

Thrombosis Rehabilitation instructor training

Thrombosis Rehabilitation instructor training (Tulppa-ohjaajakoulutus) gives participants the tools to use the Tulppa (Thrombosis) method to instruct rehabilitation groups. Through this training a Tulppa or Thrombosis instructor learns to guide groups to make changes that support better health. The training provides tools for guiding self-help.

Training based on the Tulppa model is planned in cooperation with the public healthcare system and arranged where required by the person or organisation ordering the course. In addition, there are open courses in Helsinki.

Coronary artery disease and exercise training

The Finnish Heart Association arranges coronary artery disease and exercise training where the focus is on muscle strengthening activities. The aim of the training is to provide scientific data about physical exercise and muscle strengthening with coronary artery disease and to provide tools for guiding people in muscle strengthening activities.

Ravitsemuspassi Nutrition Knowledge training

Key to having healthy, enjoyable and recommended heart-friendly food available to all who eat in the canteens of public institutions, companies and other large organisations, or in the hospitality sector, is for food services employees, the caterers, to have a well-informed knowledge of nutrition and for their skill sets to be updated and maintained at a high level. The Ravitsemuspassi training material and knowledge test aim to do just that.