Membership is both fun and useful. By joining the Finnish Heart Association you get many membership benefits and a chance to take part in the activities of the Heart Community. At the same time you will be helping to support the important heart work that we do to promote heart health, prevent heart disease and to support those who are ill.

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When you become a member of the Finnish Heart Association you join a local group, which is part of a regional Heart District. If you prefer, you can join one of three national associations. The Heart Districts and national associations are part of the Finnish Heart Association, which is a union of local and national associations.

Many benefits of membership in a local heart association and the Finnish Heart Association

The heart associations arrange a lot of different local activities, which vary according to their resources, and offer local membership benefits, a chance to share experiences and get peer support. By taking part in the activities of local associations you can find new heart friends. The associations provide information about their activities on their websites.

As a member you can also make use of the varied membership benefits of the Heart Community.

Membership Fee

The membership fee varies locally from association to association but it is between EUR 13 and 26. Many associations also allow support membership or company members. More detailed information about the membership fee is available on the website of your local heart association, from their contact person or through the Finnish Heart Association member service.

You can join by filling in the electronic form on our website. Before you send in the form, the cost of the membership fee will appear onscreen. You can pay the membership fee online when you fill in the form or ask to receive an invoice later. The membership fee invoice is mailed within two weeks of your joining.

Those who become members in October, November or December are not invoiced for the membership fee until the end of the year. You receive your membership invoice with the first issue of the magazine Sydän (Heart) at the end of January or early February.

Membership Form

Fill in the Membership Form here.

Please fill in at least all the required fields which are marked with an asterisk [*]. Remember to save the data at the end. Please note that the membership form has two parts: your personal details and your membership details. When you have filled in the form successfully it will be acknowledged with a thank-you-for-joining notification.