Organisation Cooperation

The Finnish Heart Association cooperates with other NGOs as well as its own member organisations. Cooperation is continuous and focused around various campaigns and projects.

Ethically sustainable cooperation

The Finnish Heart Association collaborates with many parties who support heart health and work to promote it.

Collaborations are regulated by the core values of the Heart Association, as defined in the Strategy: Respect, Expertise, Reliability, Courage, Goal-orientation. The Finnish Heart Association only cooperates with responsible entities whose activities are compatible with the Association’s own mission and values.

Organisation Cooperation

The Finnish Heart Association is a member of the following organisations and networks:

  • SOSTE, the Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health
  • Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys ry
  • The Foundation for Research in Health Exercise and Nutrition
  • LTS, the Finnish Society of Sport Sciences
  • Sivis Study Centre
  • The Finnish Fundraising Association (VaLa ry)
  • The Gift of Life (Lahja elämälle) communication effort to promote organ donation
  • A Small Gesture (Pieni ele) collection
  • The Finnish NCD Alliance
  • One Life (Yksi elämä) is a joint project between three NGOs

International organisations and networks

  • European Heart Network EHN
  • International Union for Health Promotion and Education IUHPE
  • Rehabilitation International RI
  • World Heart Federation (with Finnish Cardiac Society)