Heart Association

The highest decision-making body of the Finnish Heart Association (FHA) is its General Meeting which convenes twice a year, and for which the members elect their representatives for one calendar year at a time. Members of the Board and the Chair are elected for a three-year period at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in the autumn.

On the agenda for each Spring General Meeting (SGM) are the previous year’s activity report by the Board, the financial statements and the auditor’s statement. The SGM also approves guidelines for the following year. The AGM approves the following year’s work plan and budget. Every three years the AGM also elects the member of the organisation’s Board and its Chair.

The Board represents the Finnish Heart Association, uses its executive powers and manages the organisation. The Board consists of 12 people in addition to the Chair, each of whom is elected for three calendar years at a time.

The organisation’s previous SGM was held in Helsinki on May 16, 2017, and the AGM in Jyväskylä on October 27–28, 2017.

The next SGM will be held in Helsinki on May 16, 2018, and the AGM will convene in Oulu.

In 2019, the AGM will be held in Pori.

Finnish Heart Association Board 2017

  • Doctor of Medicine, Speaker of the Parliament of Finland, Paula Risikko Chair
  • Director of Education Seija Aalto
  • Nurse Minna Ampio
  • Terveydenhuoltoneuvos (Finnish honorary title), Bachelor of Health Science Marja-Liisa Haapamäki
  • Manager of Primary Health Care Unit at Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District Päivi Hirsso
  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Hanna Järvinen
  • Lääkintöneuvos (Finnish honorary title), docent Matti Ketonen
  • Nurse Outi Kurttila
  • Kauppaneuvos (Finnish honorary title), economist Jyrki Liljeroos, 2nd vice chair
  • Lääkintöneuvos (Finnish honorary title) Tuomo Pääkkönen
  • Master of Laws with court training Petri Rintamäki
  • Professor Anssi Sovijärvi, 1st vice chair
  • Professor Reijo Tilvis

Former Board members who have recently left the Board

  • Doctor of Health Science Johanna Heikkilä
  • Doctor of Administrative Sciences Martti Sinisalmi


Sydänsäätiö – Finnish Heart Foundation

Founded in 1956, the Finnish Heart Foundation aims to support functions that promote heart and vascular health. The foundation works to achieve their aim by financially supporting not-for-profit organisations that aim to promote heart and vascular health.

The Finnish Heart Foundation has also supported the work of the Finnish Heart Association. Thanks to grants from the Foundation, the Association can promote the rehabilitation of heart patients and prevention of heart disease as well as support heart research. The Finnish Heart Foundation can receive donations through wills, endowments and gifts.


Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research

Founded in 1970, the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research supports scientific research into cardiovascular diseases common among Finns and the publication of results from such research, with the aim of preventing these diseases, further developing their treatment and improving the quality of life for those suffering from them. The Foundation gives out grants and awards amounting to some two million euros annually. The Foundation provides grants and awards for Finnish cardiovascular scientific research. Grants are awarded once a year.

Each year, the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research also gives an award to a researcher. Every other year, they give an award to an established cardiovascular researcher, as well as an award to a promising young researcher in the field. Through scientific research, the Foundation strives to develop the treatment of cardiovascular disease and prevention of heart disease. Arto Ristola is the Commissioner of the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research.