Description of Data File

Description of Membership Data File

Description of Data File

Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 §

Controller of File

Suomen Sydänliitto ry – Finnish Heart Association
Oltermannintie 8

Representative of the controller in matters concerning the data file

Tiina Vuorinen, Organisation Secretary, phone +3458-9-752 75 222

Name of Data File

Kilta System, Suomen Sydänliiton jäsenrekisteri (Membership File of the Finnish Heart Association)

Purpose of the processing of the personal data

The main purpose of the data file is the handling of the membership. Personal data is collected for information purposes, for invoicing membership fees, for web services and for the mailing of the membership magazine (Sydän).

Data contained in the file

The file contains the names and addresses of all the private individuals and communities who have registered as members of the Finnish Heart Association. In addition, the file contains the voluntary information provided by the members, that is their date of birth, gender, language, telephone and mobile numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Regular sources of data in the file

All the data in the file has been received from individuals or communities who have registered as members of the Finnish Heart Association.

Processing of personal data

The personal data is stored for as long as necessary to perform the tasks as stated in the Description of Data File. Out-of-date and unnecessary information is regularly purged. The data in the data file is stored until a member is no longer a member of the association or they do not pay their annual membership fee or they request that their membership data be destroyed. Personal data is not archived.