Corporate Cooperation

The Finnish Heart Association cooperates in many ways with businesses. The support of companies is used by the Finnish Heart Association to promote public health, to assist a particular group of patients, and to produce information materials. The funds are not used to cover the administration costs of the Association.

The principle of the Finnish Heart Association in all its corporate cooperation work is that no one partner can be the sole partner in heart and vascular health. The Finnish Heart Association does not recommend any company’s products as promoting heart health.

No partner of the Finnish Heart Association can be engaged in operations that are contrary to heart and vascular health. No partner can be ethically suspect, nor have a corporate image that is in conflict with the organisation image of the Finnish Heart Association. For instance, suppliers of foodstuffs that counter the nutritional recommendations of the Finnish Heart Association cannot become a cooperation partner.

The corporate cooperation of the Finnish Heart Association is always based on ethical principles of cooperation and fundraising.

Typical forms of cooperation include:

  • the production of publications
  • sale of Finnish Heart Association products
  • support for campaigns, training or other activities
  • providing membership benefits for the Heart Community
  • media cooperation
  • donations
  • donations through sales of products

The Finnish Heart Association requires all its partners to respect human and basic rights, and to adhere to principles of sustainable development and the sparing use of natural resources. The Finnish Heart Association does not collaborate around products that are harmful to people’s health, such as with companies or communities that manufacture tobacco or alcohol, or promote the sale of such products, or with companies that promote their products or activities with empty promises of health benefits.

In 2017, the Finnish Heart Association partnered with the following companies:

  • Condolences and other cards: manufactured for the Finnish Heart Association by Paletti Oy
  • Heart Symbol: a total of 87 manufacturers of foodstuffs and 45 farmers are involved
  • Health Measurements: Unilever and Berner.
  • Publications: MSD Finland Oy, Bayer Oy, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Sanofi-Aventis Oy Finland, Pfizer Oy, Amgen Finland Oy, Vifor Pharma Nordiska, Servier Finland Oy, Novartis Finland Oy, Orion Pharma Oy
  • Member Benefits: the member benefit partners of Finnish Heart Association are available in Finnish atäsenedut
  • Media sales and events: The Finnish Heart Association sells advertising space in its own media and engages in event cooperation, such as a sleep event in cooperation with Tempur and Saarioinen.