Invoicing instructions

The Finnish Heart Association receives invoices in the electronic format, as an eInvoice. In order for this system to work smoothly, it requires the invoicing parties to send us compatible invoices.

Electronic Invoice Address: 003702022932

Operator/Electronic Data Interchange or EDI code (OVT in Finnish): NDEAFIHH

Business ID: 0202293-2

Paper invoices must be sent to:

Suomen Sydänliitto ry – Finnish Heart Association


PL 50


The invoice must have a purchase order reference number given to you by whoever ordered the service or product, or the name of that person. This will ensure that the invoice is handled by the right person. The reference data of the invoice must be complete, otherwise we return the invoice to the sender.

More information can be provided by:
Benita Ramstedt
Merja Joiniemi